abril 16, 2007

Crysis y un nuevo modo Multiplayer

El Hype en Crysis es continuo, se nota que estamos "cerca" de la salida del título y que la maquinaria de Marketing esta casi al 100%, es por eso que no nos desayunamos sin alguna noticia, captura o vídeo en HD nuevo.
Sin embargo, y sin querer contribuir a todo este Hype de forma gratuita (en el sentido de inútil, a mi nadie me paga ;) aunque no me importaría), hay noticias que van goteando, que más allá de los gráficos y el movimiento que todos hemos visto, causan necesidad de tener este juego.
Parece ser que tendremos un nuevo modo de juego multiplayer que seguramente dará a mas de uno unas cuantas horas de diversión (yo el primero)... en fin, parece que va a ser imposible la XBOX360, si termino comprandome la 8800GTX y el procesador que mueva a este mosturo... :) Anda, olvidaba los 2GB de "memoria decente", que ruina! :D.
No me extiendo mucho más y simplemente os dejo el "recorte" que he sacado de InCrysis, disfrutadlo.

Power Struggle mode is the main multiplayer focus for Crytek. It has taken many of the current irritations in existing popular FPS multiplayers and effectively disentangled them in a very notable game play mode.
In Power Struggle you'll start the game as a primitive grunt – either US or Korean. As you make kills and achieve other goals (like securing capture points), you'll earn credits which can be used to obtain bigger and better things. Power Struggle is won once the opponent's HQ is destroyed. This can be achieved in numerous ways - blasting away at it with tanks and other standard weaponry, shooting it with a tactical nuke, sneaking inside and using C4 on some central point or using alien technology.
Your headquarters will be armed with automated missiles and turrets – effectively eliminating base camper's altogether. In the map we were shown, the HQ for the US side is an offshore submarine with some free boats and the North Koreans have an inland base with a few jeeps and civilian cars.
When you secure a building or factory, the roof will change color (USA is color blue, North Korea
is red). We got to see the interior of some of these buildings and the submarine. Like the outside world, the interiors are stunning, with a real focus on detail.
Gameplay can last up to 9-10 hours, however a typical game will last around 45 minutes.
Due to the uniqueness in this gaming mode there is a learning curve involved. It's hard to say what this is, but I'm guessing a couple of hours should suffice for the basic operations. The learning from a strategic perspective will be continuous.
It's clear that certain elements mentioned last year have since changed. There was no mention of the PDA or the prototype/production suit, however they still could be present – I wasn't able to confirm this.