octubre 04, 2006

Jugando con la PS3 al NBA 2K7

Podemos ver aqui, en el video PS3 Free-Throw Mechanics un ejemplo del uso que le podemos dar al nuevo mando de la PS3... a mi personalmente me parece muy incómodo jugar así, seguramente tambien se podrá jugar como toda la vida ;).
Algo curioso que me he encontrado sobre este juego es lo siguiente:

... the cloth physics of jerseys and shorts has been assigned to one SPU on the PS3 instead of multiple cores on the 360 so that it can move more realistically than ever without taking away processing power for the rest of the game. But you'll find that there's just as much realism off the court in the PS3 version than on the court. Instead of running cutscenes during timeout situations, the development team has created real time AI that governs the cheerleaders, mascots, floor cleaners and even the crowd. For example, during a game between Dallas and Miami at the American Airlines Arena, we noticed Burnie, the Heat mascot doing much more than simply dancing on the sideline; he would run under Dallas' basket and actively try to distract shooters at the free throw line, and he had new dance sequences during timeouts.
Tiene gracia esta apreciación por que justo estoy preparando un Post sobre esto... a ver si mañana lo cuelgo si me da tiempo a corregirlo.